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Comments for DBMS_LDAP - Accessing LDAP From PL/SQL

RT WA Aus said...

Good, useful example - excellent starting point to extend. We found it was failing initially but think this was due to the volume or data types being brought back from ADS. Once we restricted the volume of data and/or restricted to selected attributes it worked well.

RA said...


Could you please post or send your solution on how to handle the huge volume. I am bumping into "ORA-31202: DBMS_LDAP: LDAP client/server error: Sizelimit exceeded" error.

I truly appreciate if you could mail your solution on volume handling to angani@gmail.com


Amardeep Singh said...

We can put filters in search to make search fast.Pre-requisite : If you are using custom Attributes in filter then it must be indexed in OID.
If you attempt to perform a search with a non-indexed attribute specified as a required attribute, the server will return a "LDAP client/server error: DSA is unwilling to perform. Function Not Implemented" error.

Value for Filters(variable l_ filter in my case ) can be as follows :
1. No filter then use : 'objectclass=*'
2. Logical operator : if my users are distinguished by having objectClass attributesequal to 'person' and mycustomattr=Yes ), this is how I would match for it:


3. The pipe symbol '|' denotes 'OR' :

4. In case of three attributes :

5. Not operator :

lah said...

when i tried your code all i can display is a number .how can i display all the attributes of a user?

Tim... said...


That will all be down to credential and search strings. Nothing I can no about that.



Dave G said...

This is fantastic. Much easier to understand than the other Oracle LDAP examples out there. Keep it up!

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