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Comments for Storing Passwords in an Oracle Database

Al said...

Hi! i`m new in Oracle... i`ve been working for an application on websphere and i wanted to store passwords inside my tables. thanks for ur code, very usefull, its great... but i could not use the two function i have an error on :
am i doin something wrong... thanks for ur help !

Tim... said...

Please ask questions in the forum:


When you do, make sure you post any information relevant to your question, including error messages.



zalan said...

hi this is amazin place i was refered to it by a frnd.this solution was great.
keep it up guysss

Bazetko said...

And now you can add session info into this package.
And everything goes OK!

Anuj said...


Heartiest thanks for this article really helped me a lot. was able to create a custom authentication scheme for my apex app and use able to encrypt the passwords.


Kavya said...

Thanks a lot Tim
But there are many things to learn.

Anonymous said...

how to decrypt the encrypted passoword?

Tim... said...


You don't. That's the point. Why would a user give you their password and trust you not to do something stupid with it.



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