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Comments for XMLTYPE Datatype

Sandeep said...

The DBMS_XMLGEN package which is used to create the XML from the queries has got a major bug in it of whose status in 9i has been not solved. If the XML to be generated has got a number of children i.e. upto level 7 or more and the query is called in a loop then there is a memory leak in the Database which causes the query to fail.
I would say that currently the XML and Database implementation is in a nascent and lots needs to be done before it can acutally be used in heavy duty applications that rely on XMLs

Brendan said...

Useless article!

Tim... said...

Brandan: Thanks for the constructive criticism!



Anu said...

The XML API getNumVal() doesnt seem to work for me.. I had to use getNumberVal()..


Tim... said...


The article doesn't contain the getNumVal() method. I can only assume you are trying to do something different using the manual I linked to.

In 9i the method was called getNumVal(), while in 10g it was renamed to getNumberVal().

I'm guessing you are using 10g. The moral of this story is, use the manual that comes with your version :)



Ratnaker said...

Good Article

Muhammad said...

Great Article thanks

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