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Comments for UNIX Commands For DBAs

Uma Lakshman said...

Great Article - added to my favorites. Would recommend to add commands like cpio, sysdev to the list.

Tim... said...

CPIO is present in this article:

OS Backup Commands



K P Ratnaker said...

this is very usefull for us . in Linux environment so much commands but this commands is very importatnt for DBA people.

Rajamurali said...

This article looks good, but if it includes the unix shell commands for archive logs it would great for people who are new like me.


Datriya... said...

Very usefull article, by the way if it include UNIX script for tuning OS it self and shell commands for other need, would be usefull to all oracle DBA and System engineer.


manoj said said...

yeah its really very useful articles who r new in oracle on unix enviorement.


Ramesh Kumar said...


It is really usefull to all Oracle/UNIX administrators.
I observed one mistake in this article. Under the "OS Users Management" section, meaning of "-G" of option with useradd command is given as " -G indicates Primary Group", but it indicates not the primary group instead it indicated supplement/secondary group of a user.

Monish said...

I believe in chmod the 6 stands for rw (read write).
Because i'm getting the following o/p:

$ chmod 666 monish.txt
$ ls -lrt monish*
-rw-rw-rw- 1 oracle dba 0 Feb 27 19:34 monish.txt

Please update me on this.

venkat said...

6 (u+wx) 6 (g+wx) 6 (o+wx) write + execute

There is mistake in this I guess.

Thanks good article

amulya said...

Its really very useful articles for me and others r new in oracle on unix enviorement.

chandu said...


faults and cpu
si or sy ? pls clarify .

also uncompress myfile.Z i guess.

Vikas Singh said...

Article is so much helpful for new cumors.
actually i have a doubt


like in file file permission

rwx=7, am i right about this one,this how it supposed to be

Tim... said...

Yes. rwx=7.



Raj said...

Its really helpful for me to understand where we i lost in my previous interview. Thanks.

Niny said...

A user cron file should not has a username field(created by crontab -e), only system crons like /etc/crontab and files in /etc/cron.d/* have username fields.

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