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Comments for Oracle9i ( Installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.1 (RHEL4) And Centos 4.1

bk said...

Best help ever.

Felipe Assumpcao said...

For Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 (x86_64) & Oracle 9iR@ (x86_64) it's not necessary the installation of 'compat-oracle' and 'compat-libcwait', but it's necessary the following step.

mv gcc gcc34
mv gcc32 gcc
mv g++ g++34
mv g++32 g++

Hope it helps...

Jamie Thom said...

For CentOS 4 you can get all of the required packages in using yum with the following:

yum install compat-libstdc++-33-3* xorg-x11-deprecated-libs-6* make-3* compat-db* gcc-3* gcc-c++-3* gnome-libs-1* freetype-devel* fontconfig-devel* xorg-x11-devel* xorg-x11-deprecated-libs-devel-6* compat-gcc-32-3* compat-gcc-32-c++-3* compat-libgcc-296-2* compat-libstdc++-296-2* gnome-libs-devel-1* libaio-0* libaio-devel-0* openmotif21-2*

Tim... said...


That's fine if you have an internet connection from your database server, but this is not always the case in environments I work in, so installation from the CDs/DVD is my primary concern. :)



Burak said...

Somehow my yum couldn't locate the patch files. These can be downloaded from the following, in addition to metalink.

Ivica said...

Everything fine, but I get
[oracle@ivicatest Disk1]$ ./runInstaller: line 58: ./runInstaller: cannot execute binary file

on Centos 5.0 and Oracle

madhu said...

I got an error saying .runInstalled permission denied.
I logged in as root and tried without any success.

Tim... said...


You need to change the ownership/permissions on the file.

chmod u+x runInstaller



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