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Comments for DBMS_EPG - The Embedded PL/SQL Gateway in Oracle 10g Database Release 2

ronald said...

Great article Tim! Keep up the good work.

Shamim said...

Very Good aricle.
But i can't authorize while trying to make a test. The browser always ask username and password.. i use XDB,SYS pass word but nothing..
P.S. i couldn't register in you site fot these reason add in comment,

Thank'x in advance

Tim... said...

Try dropping the DAD and starting again.

If that doesn't work try dropping it and repeating the process, but this time don't set the "database-username" attribute.

See if that solves your problem.

I've just added a new user to the forum and it worked fine. Make sure you use the correct case for the security word.

If you have ny more trouble with the forum please send m a mail from this page:




Ben said...

Excellent article, especially considering the dearth of documentation on DBMS_EPG.

I installed Oracle XE for Windows, but I prefer to do manual PL/SQL development rather than use HTML_DB, so Iam trying to set up my own DAD on the embedded PL/SQL Gateway.

So far I've gotten it to work with the following steps:
DBMS_EPG.authorize_dad('foo','FOO'); --(for schema 'FOO')

After this, if I go to http://localhost:8080/foo, it prompts me to log in to the security realm 'XDB'. If I enter the foo schema name and password, I can then access packages in the FOO schema.

Normally, for pl/sql web development I like to use authentication mode CustomOwa. I then implement whatever I want in the OWA_CUSTOM package. But for some reason this isn't working with DBMS_EPG. If I use authentication mode CustomOwa, it still prompts me to login to the realm 'XDB'. But I've coded the realm 'FOO' in my OWA_CUSTOM. I also tried using GlobalOwa and updating the OWA_CUSTOM package in the SYS schema, but that didn't make any difference either. So I'm stuck with using Basic mode for now.

Any ideas? I am going to post this to the Oracle XE Forum once my registration goes through, but I thought I'd ask here as well.


Gopal Misra said...

Oh, very nice article. i m searching 'hor to configure dad in XE', this topic helps me a lot. first time i got prompt for entering username and password... then i remove and create again whti different user... ansd it is working.... thanks, team.

Bill P said...

Thank you! This is some great information.

Can you give me a clue where to find the error log that is equivalent to the Apache/Apache/logs/error.log file? Presumably it's in a database table somewhere.

Egor said...

Thanks, but will the same things work at Oracle 10g?

Tim... said...

The gateway and this package were introduced in the first release of 10g, so yes, it will work.

I qualified it as a 10g R2 article because I've only ever used in 10g R2.



Small Question said...


Useful stuff as usual...

Do you happen to know where the useful bits of info that used to get logged to the Apache error_log and access_log go under EPG?

I can't find any external logs in the file system, or in any of the usual Oracle logs.

I'm hoping they go to a table somewhere and don't get lost.

It's pretty hard to debug a mod_plsql application without them obviously.


Tim... said...

Actually, I don't know. All I can see in the manuals is this:




Alex said...


You mention updating the listerner.ora file. Won't this be overwritten when AutoConfig is run?

If so, do you of a way around this?



arsamaga said...

Thanks so much for this article. It helped me a lot!

Henrik Wengholt said...

Great article !!


is giving me a blank page

Did I miss some prerequirement ??

nick said...

Hi Tim,

I have created a DAD and completed all those steps provided n you document and it is working fine. i can able to access database through a webpage. but i am have few more queries could you please help me on the below.

1)after configuring a DAD i can able to access all db procedures & functions from the url, but i want to access a single pakage. here it is violating security of DB OBJ

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