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Comments for Flashback New Features and Enhancements in Oracle Database 10g

Gowtham Sen said...


Its very worthful information. Its very usefull.
I saw this link in oracle forums, while I am worrying about Recover the old database state. My scenario is as follows.

I am using Oracle Warehouse Builder 10 G R1.
I am using process flows. In order to get the old data into the tables, whenever the process flow fails, the availabe option is Flash Back Recovery.

Could you please suggest me, does it a good practice to use flash back recovery in a datawarehousing project?

Thank you,

Gowtham Sen.

Tim... said...

Please ask questions in th forum, not in the comments.

You can use Flashback for any occasion when you want to revert the data. Some of the options, like flashback database are more like administrative tasks, so I wouldn't advise using them, but the query based options are fine.

One thing to consider is the amount of data. The old data is recovered from undo information, so you may have to hold massive amounts of undo to get the functionality you want.

I suggest you give it a go in a safe environment.



Mahetwag said...

Good Explanation Tim,

But,You haven't mentioned regarding sessions.
For example, if we are inserting data into the table where we want to implement flash back recovery from multiple sessions say session_1 and session_2.
Here if we want to rollback to the previous state without effectiong the changes done in session_1, but with changes in session_2.
So, does this works?

With Regards,

Tim... said...

Questions in the forum please, not in the comments.

It depends what type of flashback you are talking about, as to whether the change is seen by one or all sessions.

Flashback queries or flashback version queries are only see in the session performing them.

Table and database operations are like DDL, so they affect all sessions.

If you have any more questions, use the forum.



Tzonka said...

I find this article very helpfull and practise-oriented.


Thank... said...

Very useful



Hector Gabriel Ulloa Ligarius

McKasem said...

Very useful and nice article for Flashback topic. Thanks to TIM.

GirishS said...

Excellent document with such a practical example;Expected can be found here ! as always Thanks Guys

Rievers said...

In your "flashback database" example - ARCHIVE LOG START is no longer required in 10g, so it's an extraneous statement.

Tim... said...


Quite right. Removed now. :)



Daniel said...

log_archive_start is deprecated in 10.1?

Tim... said...


Yes. I missed that when correcting the previous persons comment. :)



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