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Comments for Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( Installation On Solaris 10 (x86)

Arun said...

Good One..very useful

gk said...

Its just amazing!!!

Israel Jew said...

It does not work on Solaris 10 x86.

prctl -n no controllable process found in task, project, or zone. you better check this show stopper!

poonam said...

It was really wat i was searching for........thanks a lot

Arnaud Dumont said...

The instruction:
Append the following line to the "/etc/user_attr" file.

must be done AFTER adding the oracle user with the useradd command, or you'll get this error message:
#useradd -g oinstall -G dba -d /export/home/oracle oracle
UX: useradd: ERROR: Inconsistent password files. See pwconv(1M).

mahesh kasbe said...

Actually after giving following command, i am able to create oracle user successfully.

#projadd user.oracle

mahesh kasbe said...


Joe Torres said...

This article is the best instalation guide I found on the internet! Great job!! and Thank you!!

Trev said...

Thanks mate!!this thread helped me sort an issue i faced while installing a oracle 10G, shame pwconv doesn't mention anything about /etc/user_attr

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