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Comments for Character Set Migration using CSSCAN and CSALTER

Mario said...

I think that it would be better add a note that talk about the file scan.txt with the results of the first step.


Mario said...

you have to verify that no user are connected (es. sysman).
Be sure that EM is down (emctl stop dbconsole)

Tim... said...

I think you're getting into the obvious here!

Mario said...

I'm sorry for the obvious ... I have another note for you. If you change charset you can find this error message in the alert.log:

WARNING: AQ_TM_PROCESSES is set to 0. System operation might be adversely affected.

see metalink Note:428441.1 to unset the parameter.
I have found it changing from WE8ISO8859P1 to WE8ISO8859P15 (two times on two different databases).

Sergiusz said...

This procedure is good for character set declaration change, not real migration. Neither csscan not csalter.plb convert any user data. In most cases, you have to export user data, truncate it, run this procedure, and reimport. Only very basic migrations, such as US7ASCII to WE8MSWIN1252, will actually work. Use the Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (oracle.com/dmu) for real migration.

Tim... said...


This is a 10 year old article. Back then the DMU didn't exist. The first thing the article says is use the DMU. I don't see the point of your comment. The article already makes the point!



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