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Comments for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and CentOS 5 Installation

gusruiz said...

Excelent guide; the only step missing is wich packages you need to install to meet Oracle installation requirements

Tim... said...


I always list the necessary package in the Oracle installation articles, as these will be different depending on the Oracle software being installed.



Edgar Chupit said...

Hi Tim,

Excellent and useful article. I always used similar sort of RHEL customization during installation.
Today, while installing fresh version of CentOS 5 for Oracle, I've decided to browse metalink, to see what does "oracle" says about it.
And I've found interesting Note:376183, that mentions following:
However, de-selecting any "default RPM" groupings or individual RPMs can result in failed RDBMS installation attempts, and as such, is not supported by Oracle Support Services.


Alan Maskey said...

This is an excellent "how to" instruction. Thanks for your time in providing this to us.

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