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Comments for Oracle Linux 5 Installation

Robbert said...

Thanks Tim!

Since I'm completely new to Linux, this helps me a lot!

Riaz said...

Thanks Tim!!! It was a great to see and comforting to use this at the time of install.
Appreciate this very much.

Nonnya said...

Thanks very much - very useful.

suzain said...

its realy helpful to everybody needs, Thanks Tim!

Prash said...

Tim, this document was unbelievably good. I'm new to Linux/Unix and this document has helped me get past that mind-block against non-windows Operating systems. Thanks so much!

Jon said...

Tim--I found this page that talks about including the Oracle RPMs during the install of Linux. May save time later on in regard to further configuring an Oracle software install.

Tim... said...


This requires you to have an Unbreakable Linux support contract, so it is not available for all people wanting to perform the installation, which is why I don;t use it in these articles.

If you have one, then buy all means use it. :)



Maria Mundrova said...

Hi Tim,

Greetings from sunny Sofia. Hope see you again in BGOUG conference in the autumn.
I installed Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.3 following your article. Very helpful and useful !!!
Next is Oracle 11g installation and latest patch :)


Leo said...


Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with everyone!

Great Job,


Yilong said...

Thanks good job

ChefManny said...

Thanks - great!

Amit said...

Thanks for putting these steps together. Helps a lot!

AJ said...

I am consistently getting error on this install:
"An error occurred trying to format VolGroup00/LogVol00. This problem is serious and install cannot continue.
Please help aat45@yahoo.com
My sda partitins are
space available 524 GB
Vol00- 8064
ext 3 -- 512000
freespace --4000

Tim... said...


Sounds like you have a dodgy disk. If this is a virtual disk, drop and recreate it.



Nitin Parab said...

Tim.. Thanks much .. This doc is quite helpful

Saeed said...

i have 3 operating system
such as fedora, windows 7 and windows 8.1.
i afraid for my vital information.
in oracle linux installation and install grub, what can i do that this linux distribution replace with fedora with no affect for my previous gruab boot loader.

Tim... said...


I wouldn't risk it. I only ever run a single OS on a box, then use Oracle VirtualBox to run virtual machines for every other OS I need.



Phyllis said...

This is just lovely. Its easy to follow.

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