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Comments for Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1) Installation On Fedora 7

Rob said...


Did your 'Check operating system requirements' pass? On my installation I get an error: redhat-7 not supported. I noticed /etc/redhat-release was not edited in this installation doc. When I changed it to contain redhat-4 I got the error : redhat-n/a not supported

I managed to install ignoring the error but it would be nice to let OUI run the package requirements check.

Or am I missing something?

Thanks for all the great work,

Tim... said...

Yes, the operating system check fails. I mentioned this in the article,

"Some of the prerequisite checks will not complete due to this not being a supported Linux distribution. Check each of these prerequisites to set them to "User Verified" then you can proceed."

This is not affected by altering the /etc/redhat-release file, or the "./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs" command.

I'm not sure how the new installer checks the OS.



Rob said...

Hi Tim,

I found out OUI probably uses the command "lsb_release -irc" to check the OS. Changing the content of /etc/redhat-release to
redhat release 4
fixes the installer check.


Tim... said...

OK. I also tried "redhat-4" which has always worked on previous installations, and is listed in the prereq list itself. I followed your lead and tried "redhat release 5" and it worked fine.

I've altered the article to include this.



Hunter Moseley said...

Make sure you have ksh installed.

The installation kept dying in the middle.
I finally noticed the "/bin/ksh not found" errors.


Jon said...

Thanks, Tim, for your 11g installation guide on Fedora 7. On the first try, OIU complained about fs.file-max being too low, and compat-libstdc++-33 not installed. After re-editing /etc/sysctl.conf for fs.file-max and installing compat-libstdc++-33, OUI proceeded to install 11gR1, and DBCA was used to created a database.

Many thanks for a great article,

Jenson Samuel said...

Hey Tim,

This is the smoothest guide available on the net for 11g installation on Fedora 7.
I had zero probs. This is an amazing article n really appreciated.

Thanks for all the help man, tc.

Jenson Samuel
Tavant Technologies.

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