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Comments for Partitioning Enhancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 1

Lesio said...

Perfect as always.
Can you start some articles about Oracle hints ?

Best Regards
The Number One Fan :p

Aman.... said...

Hi sir,
Excellent as like always!
Best regards,
PS:Sir,are you planning to prepare for 11g Beta exam?Please post when you would be starting for it as I shall be waiting to read your articles.

Tamil said...

Hats off.

This is one of few oracle sites I frequently read about oracle related articles.

Keep the good work..

treetree said...

good article

WVM said...

You are the best.

Lisa Wilcox said...

The composite schemes should also include

Lisa Wilcox said...

"System partitioning gives you all the advantages partitioning"

System partitioning does not offer the advantages of partition wise joins or partition pruning.

Tim... said...


Composite partitioning: Interval partitioning is ranged partitioning, just with new partitions added automatically for you, so it is implicitly included in the existing list. I've amended the article to make that clear.

System partitioning: It's a linking sentence not a statement of fact. I've amended "all" to "many".



Jegannathan Srinivas said...

Hi Tim,

I am getting an error when I run one of your example for Virtual Column-Based Partitioning

16:37:39 16 );
first_letter VARCHAR2(1)
ERROR at line 4:
ORA-12899: value too large for column "FIRST_LETTER" (actual: 1, maximum: 4)

Tim... said...


Works fine for me. I can only assume you have a multi-byte character set on your database and your character sematics are set to BYTE, so when I say "VARCHAR2(1)" it is too small to store 1 character on your database. Change the definition to "VARCHAR2(1) CHAR" and it should be fine.



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