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Comments for Oracle 11g RAC On Windows 2003 Using VMware Server

Gagan said...

Just wanted to say thanks for great work. I am going to try it out on my laptop.

Mohammed Sami said...


The article itself is the proof of the hardwork,dedication and technical expertise.

Definetley i'll try on my PC as well.

Ackers said...

Fantastic...geek stuff....got it working...

sun said...

I am trying with windows host machine ..I keep getting random crashes(windows) during install..Tried many times but unsuccssful. Have used vmware server 2.0..Any more ideas..

Steven said...

Brilliant guide, great screenshots. Thanks very much for all your hard work.

Gongdon said...

I get a BSOD on RAC2 when creating the database at 100%. RAC1 is unable to start the database and crashes RAC2.

Any ideas?

Gongdon said...

PS: I am using ESXi-Server 4.0.

Tim... said...

Sorry dude. Don't know what is going on there.

I've never seen that before on VMware Server or ESX.



karro said...

just finished installing RAC on centos 5.4 as host and W2000AS SP4 as guests on vmware 1.0.10. Excellent guide, thanks so much, Tim!

to the fellow installers: please, double check for hidden network adapters and double check if you have DisableDHCPMediaSense=1 in place before proceeding with adding disks and installing clusterware; these are cruical steps (I didn't for the first time, and yes, I had a redundant vmware network adapter, as a result OracleCSService wasn't able to start).

Sandeep said...

In case of Oracle 11gR2 article its mentioned that we need to install ASm library files before proceeding with ASM configuration .

Does it not hold true for 11GR1.

Tim... said...


You asked the same question on the forum earlier today. I suggest you read the answer I gave there:




Nguyen Ngoc said...

==== ====== = === = == = = == = == ===

Output generated from configuration assistant "Oracle Clusterware Configuration Assistant":
Command = C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd /c call C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\nbcrs/install/crssetup.config.bat
clscfg: EXISTING configuration version 3 detected.
clscfg: version 3 is 10G Release 2.
Successfully accumulated necessary OCR keys.
Using ports: CSS=49895 CRS=49896 EVMC=49898 and EVMR=49897.
node :
node 1: rac1 rac1-priv rac1
node 2: rac2 rac2-priv rac2
clscfg: Arguments check out successfully.

NO KEYS WERE WRITTEN. Supply -force parameter to override.
-force is destructive and will destroy any previous cluster
Step 1: checking status of CRS cluster
Step 2: creating directories (C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\nbcrs)
Step 3: configuring OCR repository
Oracle Cluster Registry already initialized
Step 4: configuring safe mode for CRS stack
Step 5: Starting up CRS stack on all nodes
rac1 service OracleCSService in improper PENDING state, err(997)
rac2 service OracleCSService in improper PENDING state, err(997)

Configuration assistant "Oracle Clusterware Configuration Assistant" failed

Can you help me?

Tim... said...


What does it say in big letters above this comment box? Please ask questions in the forums.

Regarding your issue, if you have followed the installation guide using the software versions I have used it should work fine. If you have deviated from this I cannot comment.



PS. Remember, questions in forum!

oguz said...


prashant salvi said...

While exeuting OraInstallroot.sh , it hangs with below messate

NO KEYS WERE WRITTEN. Supply -force parameter to override.
-force is destructive and will destroy any previous cluster
Oracle Cluster Registry for cluster has already been initialized
Startup will be queued to init within 90 seconds.
I am using Centos4 and 10.2.0

Tim... said...


Why are you using an 11g installation guide for a 10g installation? Use the correct article. Also, questions in forum, not comments please.



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