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Comments for rlwrap for Command Line History and Editing in SQL*Plus and RMAN on Linux


Hi Tim,
Simple and superb...very useful for me in testing environment.

David D. said...

What is meant by: "

it's best to leave the sqlplus and rman commands clean and alias using a different name, just in case


Can you give an example of this "alias"? Sorry I am fairly new to Linux.

David D. said...

Nevermind, I think I get it now.

rnm1978 said...

Equivalent utility on HP-UX is "ied"

Uwe K├╝chler said...

In case someone gets here by googling: When "./configure" throws an error "You need the GNU readline library", it actually means the readline-devel package. Install it e.g. with "yum install readline-devel", then run "./configure" again.
HTH, Uwe

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