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Comments for DDL With the WAIT Option (DDL_LOCK_TIMEOUT)

Raja said...

I have tried out the same in But the ALTER TABLE does not wait for the mentioned seconds but throws error immediately. However, when I try with DROP TABLE, it works. Can you pls. clarify why is it so ?

Alex Bloom said...

WARNING: it doesn't work in 11g ( if compatibility parameter is set to
DDL statement doesn't even error out with ORA-00054, but instead it just hangs indefinitely waiting for DML to complete. DDL_LOCK_TIMEOUT parameter is completely ignored.

Jeff Jacobsa said...

DDL Timeout works with MODIFY, but as noted, ADD apparently already waits forever. DDL_TIMEOUT has no effect on adding columns.

Tim... said...


Yes. The example was bad. I switched it to MODIFY and actually included the output from the command, which is a little better.



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