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Comments for VMware ESX Server 3.5 Update 2 Installation

Siva Valluripalli said...

Hi Tim,

I am really happy to be frequent visitor to your site. I get updated my self with a lot of new on-going stuff. I really appreciate your energy levels for updating this kind of info on a regular basis.


Jason said...

Hi Tim,

I was wondering if you could explain a bit more about this when you get to the stage where VMware Tools is installed on the RH 5 VM.

We have an issue where we can't get the networking to function. Have installed the Tools, but can't get the service to run.
When running the .pl command it is missing something and needs to compile. This is where we get out of our depth.

Could you offer help on this?



anonymous said...

Thanx for these explanations. It's very helpful.

Mohammad Amin said...

Hi Tim
Thanks for the Article, but I'd like to update it or make a new one for ver ESXi 5, because I did not see ver 3.5 on Vmware website.

Tim... said...


I no longer have any kit to run VMware ESK, so I can't update the document.



Sridaran M said...

This article was very easly understandable.

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