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Comments for PIVOT and UNPIVOT Operators in Oracle Database 11g Release 1

Big George said...

Cool :)

Cva said...

Very nice feature in 11g and well explained in few mins. Earlier i had a situation for Pivot where i happened to use multiple queries for each column which was bad :)

Anyways excellent information.

Thanks Tim ! Appreciate your postings.

J. said...

Great article, well explained. thanks for hightiting this new feature.


Ashish said...

a very well written article.

Oracle Diary<>/a

Snoopy said...

That´s cool but what if you have two more columns, price, (quantity * price) as total?

Tim... said...


Not sure what you want. Ask the question in the forum and give an indication of the expected output.



Rakesh said...

Was Dieing to do this in 10g without any direct function.

Aditya Singh said...

I am trying pivot method to implement in PHP but its giving some error.

Table is clientdetails with 3 attributes (clientname,productname,quantity).

select clientname, 'Software' as s, 'Desktop' as d
select clientname,productname,quantity
FROM clien

Tim... said...


Please ask questions in the forum. Provide relevant CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements for the test case.



ashish said...

If there are more column need to convert in Pivot
then how to add the columns in SQL query?
Above given example s for one query

Tim... said...


Not sure what you mean. Please ask the question in the Forum and post the CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements to set up a test case.



Luis said...

Great article.

Thank you for it.

Best regards,

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