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Comments for Basic Enterprise Manager Troubleshooting

Rokhdad said...

tnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx very very useful :)

dnunknown said...

Thanks Tim, coming from 9i on Windows and going to 11g Linux this explained A LOT!

dnunknown said...

Hey Tim, was wondering if you could comment on what switches or additions need to take place w/ this OEM guide when the DB is a RAC database.


rik said...

ok, this was helpful except for the very last part of my response to deconfig command =

de-configuring em for database HRCONV {my instance} states the 'handle is invalid'
could not complete the configuration refer to log.
I know that name to be true. oh, well,.

Dan said...

I'm a seasoned Windows Sysadmin, but working in a Linux Oracle world now. We ran into a dead Enterprise Manager after importing a database into a new-build Oracle DB server. I followed your steps:
emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop
emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create
- This worked like a champ. Thanks for the help!

Martin said...

On EM will ALWAYS fail to be configured after 31-DEC-2010.
Oracle MySupport Patch 8350262 needs to be applied, it contains a certificate which is longer valid.

kashif said...

Dear Tim; my EM is not configuring, i have installed the oracle many time but have not configured(i thinks so that loopback adapter is not working).

Michael Jobs said...

I just met this annoying error. While your em doesn't function normally, you should take a look at the file /etc/hosts. You know, I get two NIC installed and configured with different IP addresses. I banned one of them and make sure everything is all right in /etc/hosts, then restart the computer and reconfigure the dbcontrol. And everything is ok now.

reymerr said...

the tutorial is not correct, missing the following statements before running emca



SQL> EXEC sysman.emd_maintenance.remove_em_dbms_jobs;

SQL> EXEC sysman.setEMUserContext('',5);

SQL> REVOKE dba FROM sysman;

drop user sysman cascade;

drop role MGMT_USER;

drop user MGMT_VIEW cascade;

drop public synonym MGMT_TARGET_BLACKOUTS;

drop public synonym SETEMVIEWUSERCONTEXT;


Tim... said...


It works fine for me and I've never needed to do any of the stuff you mentioned.

I'm guessing all that stuff gets done automatically by the deconfig step.



SQLServerDBA said...

Solved my problem. HANK YOU!!!!

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