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Comments for XML-Over-HTTP (REST Web Services) From PL/SQL

Lesio said...

Quite interesting 10 points :)

Rashid said...

Very helpful article, thank you. One thing tripped me up. The example URLs which take a parameter; e.g.


should use a question mark after the proc name:


The ampersand symbol is to delimit additional parameters; e.g.


Tim... said...


Thanks for pointing out the typos. Pesky cut & paste. :)



Glenn said...

Nice simple steps. Thanks

Jumaa said...

Thanks Tim for this helpful example

I have one question:
How can I do the same example using (https) instead of http?

Tim... said...


The https configuration is done on your app server, not in PL/SQL.

If you are using the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway, you can set it up using this guide.




Mark said...

Hi Tim

I have done your tutorial which works great, but I want to grant another user the permission to use the created DAD and created PACKAGE xml_api
so what I did
I created another user (test2) with the following privileges:
1- select on test.emp & test.dept
2- DBMS_EPG.authorize_dad ('xml_demo','TEST2')
3- execute xml package xml_api


Mark said...

but whenever I test the same web service for the newly created user (test2)
I got the following error message:

The requested URL /xml_demo/xml_api.get_emp_1 was not found on this server

although it works fine with user test

thanks for your help


Tim... said...


Please ask questions in the forum, not here!

Different user. Different DAD. Simple. The DAD exposes a specific schema.



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