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Comments for Oracle Database File System (DBFS) in Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Fahd Mirza said...

In What situation you would recommend DBFS?


Tim... said...


I've not used it in production, so I can't really endorse it. :)

I saw the Oracle Real World Performance Group using it at OpenWorld and it was cool and peformed well.

if you want your files in the database and therefore part of your backup/recovery process it's really cool. If this isn't a requirement it is less hard to justfy I guess.



Ignacio said...

Slight correction: $HOME environment variable is not expanded within sqlnet.ora

That warning should be added to this excellent post, don't you think?


Tony said...


Did you know Oracle have used the contents of this article in Metalink note 1436913.1? They've removed some of the useful information so I'll get my advice from your source ;)


Tim... said...


LOL. I must have arrived if Oracle have nicked stuff off me.


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