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Comments for HTML with Embedded Images from PL/SQL

Learco Brizzi said...

Nice post. I didn't knew you could embed a base64 encoded image directly into the img tag.


TWS said...

Thank you for this. I wanted to add that it may be a better idea to embed the image into the email header, using a multipart/related mime. Then link the image to the html via CID: img tags in the html. You embed each image only once (in header), and can reference many times in main html.

IMG tag like:
Header uses: Content-ID:

Vinicius said...

Good article !
We must remember that it only works in IE 8+


Sus said...

Great Post, very helpful

MikeC said...

Great help, many thanks. If your blob is likely to exceed 32,767 then put a UTL_FILE.fflush(l_file); inside the loop directly after the UTL_FILE.put().

Tim... said...


Well spotted. Corrected. :)


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