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Oracle AS10g Backup and Recovery

Oracle have updated the 9iAS Backup and Recovery Tool for use with Oracle AS 10g. This articlespresents a summary of the information in the supporting document relating to installation and usage of the utility for an Oracle AS10g Infrastructure instance.

Download Software

The utlity itself and the supporting documentation can be downloaded from here.

The utility on the "OracleAS Repository Creation Assistant and Utilities" disk.

If you are running Oracle AS10g on a Windows2000 server you will need to download Active Perl.

Unpack Files

If you are using release 2 or later, the utility is already part of the software in the Oracle home.

First unzip the utility into the "$ORACLE_HOME/backup_restore" directory.

unzip backup_restore.zip

A suitable unzip tool can be downloaded from info-zip.


Create a backup directory with appropriate access rights.

su - root
mkdir /backup
chmod 777 /backup

As the Oracle user create the appropriate sub directories.

su - oracle
mkdir /backup/log_files
mkdir /backup/db_files
mkdir /backup/config_files

Make the following amendments to the config.inp file.

Line 36: oracle_home=/u01/app/oracle/product/904_infra
Line 41: log_path=/backup/log_files
Line 56: config_backup_path=/backup/config_files
Line 84: database_backup_path=/backup/db_files

Make sure the bkp_restore.pl file is executable.

chmod u+x bkp_restore.pl

Finally, complete the configuration.

./bkp_restore.pl -m configure


To backup the configuration files issue the following command.

./bkp_restore.pl -v -m backup_config

For this utility to work correctly you must remove references to features that are not present in your installation. The files to be backed up are listed in the "config_<feature>_files.inp" files. Amend these files to prevent errors for features that are not installed, or remove whole files by removing them from the config_files_list parameter in the config.inp file.

To perform hot and cold backups of the infrastructure repository issue the following commands.

./bkp_restore.pl -v -m backup_cold
./bkp_restore.pl -v -m backup_online

To restore the configuration files and database issue the following commands.

./bkp_restore.pl -v -m restore_config
./bkp_restore.pl -v -m restore_db

For middle tier nodes the process is the same with the exception of setting the database_backup_path parameter in the "config.inp" file.

Hope this helps. Regards Tim...

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