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Oracle 8i Articles


Auditing - Basic setup instructions to allow the auditing of user actions.

Constraint Checking Updates - Explains the modifications to constraint checking including deferrable consrtaints and constraint states.

Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) And Database Statistics - Lists the available mechanisms for gathering database statistics that are used by the cost based optimizer.

Detect And Repair Corruption in an Oracle Database - Learn the different methods of detecting and repairing table block corruption.

Dropping Columns - Hide unused columns or completely remove them.

DIY Dynamic Views - Query external data as if it were a relational table.

Function Based Indexes - Allow queries to use indexes even when you are performing a function on the indexed column.

Index Organized Tables - Save space and improve the performance of tables which are predominantly access by their primary keys.

Locally Managed Tablespaces - Reduce contention on the system tables by delegating extent management to individual tablespaces.

LogMiner - Analyze archived redo logs to identify specific specific statements and undo them.

Materialized Views in Oracle - Use materialized views (snapshots) to replicate data to a remote database.

Partitioned Tables And Indexes - Reduce tables and indexes to a more managable size and simultaneously improve performance.

Recovery Manager (RMAN) - Explanation of RMANs basic backup, recovery and reporting functionality.

Refreshing Stale Statistics - Keep your optimizer statistics up to date without increasing the load on the server.

Replication (Advanced) - Using Oracle Advanced Replication for two-way data replication.

Resource Manager - Prevent batch processes interfering with your OLTP transactions by using this simple PL/SQL API to assign a priority to each type of session.

Statspack - Analyze the performance of your system using the replacement for the UTLBSTAT/UTLESTAT scripts.

Standby Database - Keep an up-to-date copy of the production database ready for failover in the event of a disaster.

Temporary Tables - Most applications need temporary tables to store information during complex data processing. See how Oracle can manage your temporary tables and keep your data secure.

Virtual Private Databases (VPD) and Fine-Grained Access Control - Lists the basic steps required to setup a Virtual Private Database using Fine-Grained Access Control, allowing multiple users interact with a single schema whilst sheilding non-relevant data.


AutoNumber And Identity Functionality - Implement AutoNumber or Identity column behaviour in Oracle.

Bulk Binds - Improve performance by reducing the overhead associated with context switches between the PL/SQL and SQL engines.

Collections in Oracle PL/SQL - Use collections in PL/SQL to perform array processing.

COM Automation In Oracle8i - Invoke methods in COM objects from PL/SQL using the COM automation cartridge.

Complex Recordsets - Build complex recordsets using temporary or PL/SQL tables within stored procedures.

Data Encryption - Dbms_Obfuscation_Toolkit - Encrypt and decrypt data using the Dbms_Obfuscation_Toolkit package.

DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO : For Code Instrumentation - Track session and long operation activity more accurately using these built-in procedures and views.

The DBMS_System Package - The DBMS_System package contains a number of routines that can be useful on occasion.

Explain Plan Usage - A quick guide to using AUTOTRACE and EXPLAIN PLAN.

Export BLOB - A simple method for exporting the contents of a BLOB datatype to the filesystem.

Export CLOB - A simple method for exporting the contents of a CLOB datatype to the filesystem.

File Handling From PL/SQL - Perform basic file manipulation from PL/SQL using this simple API.

Import BLOB - A simple method for importing the contents of a file into a BLOB datatype.

Import CLOB - A simple method for importing the contents of a file into a CLOB datatype.

InterMedia - Import-Export Of Images - Prior to Oracle 8.1.7 the interMedia support for import and export of data was a little flunky. Even now the API forces you to use directory object to access the file system. The code supplied here will free you from the constraints of interMedia.

JServer - Java In The Database - The first steps along the route to placing java code in an Oracle 8i database.

Native Dynamic SQL - The introduction of Native Dynamic SQL has made Dynamic SQL quicker and more readable.

Object Types - Create your first Object Types and store them in the database.

Parse XML Documents - Explode unstructured XML documents into relational tables using the XDK for PL/SQL.

Shell Commands From PL/SQL - Use this simple method to perform shell commands from within PL/SQL.

TKPROF And Oracle Trace - Learn how to produce and interpret trace files for specific queries.

Using Ref Cursors To Return Recordsets - Return recordsets from Oracle stored procedures.