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What Happened to Oracle Database 20c?

Oracle 20c was a preview-only release and was never generally available. As a result, all the new features of Oracle database 20c are now considered new features of Oracle database 21c, as this was the first generally available release to contain these features.

Oracle Database 21c : Miscellaneous Articles

Blockchain Tables in Oracle Database 21c - A blockchain table is a tamper-proof, insert-only table with an associated table-level and row-level retention period.

FOR LOOP Iteration Enhancements in Oracle Database 21c - The FOR LOOP iteration control has been enhanced in Oracle database 21c, making it much more flexible.

JSON Support Enhancements in Oracle Database 21c - Oracle 21c includes several enhancements to the JSON functionality in the database. This post acts as a links page to separate articles on each feature.

JSON Data Type in Oracle 21c - The JSON data type was introduced in the Oracle 20c preview release to provide native JSON support and improve the performance of JSON processing. It has become generally available in Oracle 21c.

JSON_SCALAR in Oracle Database 21c - The JSON_SCALAR function creates an instance of a JSON type from a SQL scalar value.

JSON_TRANSFORM in Oracle Database 21c - The JSON_TRANSFORM function was introduced in Oracle database 21c to simplify the modification of JSON data.

Qualified Expressions Enhancements in Oracle Database 21c - Oracle database 21c makes it even easier to populate collections using qualified expressions.

SQL Macros in Oracle Database 21c - SQL Macros improve code reuse by factoring out common expressions and statements into reusable components.

Using Expressions in Initialization Parameters in Oracle Database 21c - Oracle database 21c introduced the ability to use expressions to set initialization parameters. These expressions can reference other parameters and environment variables.

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