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Server Configuration in Oracle Database 10g

Oracle 10g includes some changes relating to basic server configuration including:

Basic Initialization Parameters

The following parameter are now known as basic parameters and for the most part they are the only ones you should need to adjust:

All other parameters are considered advanced and their default values should be left unchanged unless you have a specific reason to alter them.

When upgrading from 9i to 10g the compatible parameter should be set to 9.2.0. All of the new feature will only be available when the parameter is set to 10.0.0 or higher and the instance restarted. Once an instance has been restarted with a compaticble value of 10.0.0 it can never be set back to 9.x.

Cloning Databases Using DBCA

The "Template Management" section of the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) can be used to clone databases. The following method creates a clone of and existing database including both the structure and the data.

By default the template files are located in the "$ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbca/templates" directory.

Database Usage Statistics

Two new views have been added in Oracle 10g which allow you to monitor database usage statistics:

Alternatively this information can be viewed in Enterprise Manager (Administration > Database Usage Statistics). The page gives you access to both types of usage statistics.

For more information see:

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