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WebLogic Server 12cR2 (12.2.1) : ADF Application Development Runtime - Repository Configuration Utility (RCU)

The Repository Configuration Utility (RCU) is a necessary prerequisite for the creation of clustered domains in WebLogic 12c. It is recommended to install Forms and Reports Services as a clustered domain, even if it is for a single node, so it is also a prerequisite for those installations.

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Repository Configuration Utility (RCU)

The images were originally captured from a installation. The process is the same for

Start the Repository Configuration Utility (RCU).

$ $MW_HOME/oracle_common/bin/rcu

Click the "Next" button on the welcome page.


Accept the "Create Repository" and "System Load and Product Load" options by clicking the "Next" button.

Create Repository

Enter the database connection details and click the "Next" button.

Database Connection Details

If all the prerequisite checks are successful, click the "OK" button.

Prerequisite Checks

Enter a schema prefix, select the components of interest and click the "Next" button. For Forms and Reports Services, you should check the "Oracle Platform Security Services" option, which will automatically select others.

Select components

If all the prerequisite checks are successful, click the "OK" button.

Prerequisite Checks

Enter the credentials for the schemas and click the "Next" button.

Schema Passwords

Use the "Manage Tablespaces" button to adjust the defaults, or accept the defaults by clicking the "Next" button.

Map Tablespaces

Accept the tablespace creation confirmation by clicking the "OK" button.

Tablespace Confirmation

Once the tablespaces are created click the "OK" button.

Creating Tablespaces

If you are happy with the summary information, click the "Create" button.


Wait while the repository creation takes place.


Exit the utility by clicking the "Close" button.

Completion Summary

The repository creation is complete.

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