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Java Server Pages

Java Server Pages (JSP) are an extension of the Servlet framework, which allows Java to be used as a scripting language within HTML files, like ASP and PHP. When the files containing the Java scripting are requested from the webserver they are compiled as servlets which actually produce the content. This article assumes the default installation of the HTTP server has taken place and the HTTP server is running.

Webserver Configuration

First we create a directory on the Oracle server to hold the JSP files.


Save PSP Files

Next we place the JSP files, with the appropriate modifications, in the new directory.

Since this code contains HTML it may look normal when displayed by the browser, but the JSP code will not be executed. Either view the source or save the source to a file to read the code.

Test It

Once the files are saved to the filesystem they can be requested from the webserver and tested by opening a browser and requesting the following address, where "yourServer" is the name of the Oracle server.


Enter some values into the form and press the submit button. The resulting page should show a successful completion message or an error message. In addition the contents of the DEPT table are displayed as an HTML table.

For more informationn see:

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