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Oracle Internet Directory

Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is an LDAP server which uses an Oracle database as a datastore. In this article I will demonstrate the basic steps necessary to set up OID as a replacement for local Oracle Net configuration files and Oracle Names Server.


The OID software should be installed as follows.

OID Configuration Assistant (OIDCA)

The OID Configuration Assistant starts during the software installation. If anything goes wrong during the configuration stage you can repeat the configuration as follows.

The OID Configuration Assistant will start the OID Monitor and OID Server Instance automatically. The following two sections explain how to manage these services from the command line.

Start/Stop OID Monitor Using OIDMON

When using the command line tools the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID environment variables should be set.

Rem NT/2000
set ORACLE_HOME=C:\Oracle\920

export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/9.2.0
export ORACLE_SID=W2K1

The OID Monitor can be started and stopped from the command line using the following commands.

oidmon connect=W2K1 start
oidmon connect=W2K1 stop

Start/Stop a Server Instance Using OIDCTL

Once the OID Monitor is running an OID Server Instance can be started and stopped using the following commands.

oidctl connect=W2K1 server=oidldapd instance=1 configset=1 start
oidctl connect=W2K1 server=oidldapd instance=1 configset=1 stop
oidctl connect=W2K1 server=oidldapd instance=1 configset=1 restart

Reset the Default Database Password

With the OID Monitor and the OID Server Instance running the default database password can be altered using the oidpasswd utility.

oidpasswd connect=W2K1
current password: ods
    new password: password
confirm password: password
password set.

Oracle Net Manager

The Oracle Net Manager can be used to perform entry management within OID.

Oracle Directory Manager

The Oracle Directory Manager is the main directory administration tool. In this case we will use it to check that the Oracle Net Manager has entered our connection information into the directory.

Oracle Net Configuration Assistant

With the OID configured and the appropriate entry management defined we can configure client machines to use the OID for all TNS lookups.

The Oracle Net Configuration Assistant creates an ldap.ora file in the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory which identifies the OID server as the source of all TNS lookups. The ldap.ora file contains the following information.

DIRECTORY_SERVERS = (ldap-server:389:636)

The following entry in the sqlnet.ora file may prevent timeouts by sending requests directly to the OID instead of following the default search path.


Once all client machines are configured correctly any modifications to the TNS lookups can be done from a central location reducing the amount of client machine administration.

For more information see:

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