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Download the Latest Oracle Linux Repo File

Oracle are constantly amending the contents of the "public-yum-ol6.repo" and "public-yum-ol7.repo" files, so it's a good idea to refresh the repo files from time to time to see the latest entries.

For Oracle Linux 6 do the following.

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
mv public-yum-ol6.repo public-yum-ol6.repo.old
wget http://yum.oracle.com/public-yum-ol6.repo
# Enable required repositories.

For Oracle Linux 7 do the following.

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
mv public-yum-ol7.repo public-yum-ol7.repo.old
wget http://yum.oracle.com/public-yum-ol7.repo
# Enable required repositories.

When you have the new repository file remember to flip the "enabled=1" flag for each required repository.

name=Oracle Linux $releasever Optional Latest ($basearch)

For more information see:

Hope this helps. Regards Tim...

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