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Adding/Removing Windows Features using PowerShell

This article describes how to list, add and remove Windows features using PowerShell. Some operations, like adding and removing features may require PowerShell to be started using "Run as Administrator".

List Windows Features

List the features and their install status using the following command.

# All features.

# All features containing the word "net"
get-windowsfeature *net*

Add Windows Features

To add a Windows feature use the following.

# Pre-2012
add-windowsfeature as-net-framework

# 2012 Onward
install-windowsfeature as-net-framework

Remove Windows Features

To remove a Windows feature use the following.

# Pre-2012
remove-windowsfeature as-net-framework -Restart

# 2012 Onward
uninstall-windowsfeature as-net-framework -Restart

For more information see:

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