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APEX Tips : Basic APEX Management

Some quick tips about basic APEX management.

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Create a New Instance Administrator

Create a New User

You can create a new user from the INTERNAL workspace, or from a specific workspace. The user creation is similar, but the entry into it is a little different.

For a new workspace administrator or developer user enter mandatory items and the following, then click the "Create User" button.

Create a New Workspace

Manage Schema Assignments

Export a Workspace

Import a Workspace

Export an Application

Import an Application

If you are transferring a new version of an application to an environment, you will need to delete the old version of the application first.

You can now continue with the import.

Upgrade an Application

Post Upgrade Checks

Compatibility Mode:




Refresh Application Theme

Amend Navigation Menu Template Options

Validate APEX Installation

Some database operations, such as database upgrades, can leave APEX in an invalid state. Running the following command will validate the APEX installation and redo any missing grants. If you've installed APEX in a PDB, remember to switch to the relevant PDB before running the command.


EXEC SYS.validate_apex;

Validate ORDS Installation

Check out the note here.

For more information see:

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