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APEX Tips : Include a Button in Each Row of an Interactive Report

This article explains how to include a button into each row of an interactive report in Oracle Application Express (APEX). This borrows heavily from the method suggested by Trent Schafer, who in turn got the idea from the "Sample Database Application" packaged application.

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Report Config (Fake Column)

Report Config (Real Column)

In the previous section we added a fake column to the report query. Instead we could have used a real column, already in the query, which would allow the button text to be populated using the column value.

Modal Dialog Config

If the link is to a modal form, and you want to refresh the original report once the modal dialog is closed, rather than refreshing the whole page, do the following. This may already be in place depending on how you generated the initial report and form.

The report region should now refresh once the modal dialog is closed, without having to refresh the whole page.

Remove Auto-Generated Links

If you originally generated the report and form, you may already have an edit link with a pen icon. If you're replacing this with one of the links described above, you will need to remove the auto-generated link.

The auto-generated link will no longer be present.

For more information see:

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