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Comments for Oracle Database 10g Release 2 ( Installation On Fedora Core 4

Mehran said...

Easy Install. Both startup & custom database. Eventhough it asks for 1.4G swap space and I had only 1+G
on P4 2.8Ghz, 1G Ram
Kernel 2.6.12-1.1390_FC4smp

Tim... said...

Yes, a number of the pre-requisites can be ignored if you are just playing with the technology.



Marius Andreiana said...

Instead of two "ln -s ..." just do
chkconfig --add dbora

Gaby said...

Your site is realy very interesting!

fvillavi@yahoo.com said...

Dear Tim:

Thank u 4 your article. It workx OK!!!
I have two little observations:

1) The Oracle SID on installation must be consistent on ./runistaller, /etc/oratab, .bash_profile and $ORA_HOME/dbs/init$SID.

2) Oracle 10 g ver compressed file 10201_database_Unix32.zip when uncompressed creates a directory named. "database" not "Disk1" anymore.

Thank You again, Tim

Tim... said...


I don't understand your first point. The ORACLE_SID in the article is consistently TSH1. Not sure what you mean here.

I think you may be confused on your second point also. The file name you quote is not the one I used for the installation. I used 10201_database_linux32.zip, which is the linux download from OTN. When unzipped, this produces the "db/Disk1" directory, as quoted in the article. Not a "database" directory.



Michael B said...

Hi, thanks a lot for this help!

Exactly on the detail level I needed.
Worked 100% fine for me.

Brian .. said...

Hi, thanks very helpful.

A few comments, from the current 10g R2 download

1. There is a bug in the dbstart script which you have to fix after install. It refers to /ade/vikrkuma_new/oracle which you must change to your ORACLE_HOME.

2. The current dowload 10201_database_linux32.zip does in fact create a "database" directory.

# unzip -l 10201_database_linux32.zip | head
Archive: 10201_database_linux32.zip
Length Date Time Name
-------- ---- ---- ----
0 07-02-05 12:09 database/

Tim... said...

I'll check this out, but the version of the zip file I used when I wrote this document unzipped to produce a directory called ""db/Disk1", so the article was correct at this time.



Art said...

Needed Oracle AS install on FC4, but this helps.

Vick said...

* Great documentation.
* Dont overthink the steps. Just follow it with your eyes closed. I can say this because I tried to overthink a couple steps and got lost... and had to do a rollback ;)
* I am building my own site with the installation and further admin steps at my college's webspace.
**** Thanx Tim ****

remi collet said...

Thanks for this very-good documentation.

For information : on FC4 with full updates, netca and dbca doesn't work (in the installation process) if the compat-libf2c-32 is not present.

It should be added to the list.
I found the solution in the FC5 draft doc.

Hopes that help someone,

madani said said...

thanks very helpfull for linux newbie

sri said...


i m unable to unzip 10201_database_linux32.zip this file can u help me with exact commands,how to unzip this one..

thanks advance

Tim... said...


unzip 10201_database_linux32.zip

If that doesn't work you have something wrong with your zip file.



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