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Comments for Data Redaction (DBMS_REDACT) in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1)

Yuri said...

I had to restart whole DB instance to make policy alteration like DBMS_REDACT.modify_column take into effect. Even recreate policy did not work. Linux.

Tim... said...


Everything I did in this article works fine for me on in a pluggable database. No restarts necessary.



Yuri said...

Your articles is perfect, and I very appreciate you job :).
It looks like some Oracle bug is there. Unfortunately, for now I can not provide any details.

Lich said...

Excelent article! Thanks.

Saad said...

Excelent. thank you

Prabhat Sahu said...

Thanks for the nice article.
I have used this "Data Redaction" feature in my project, I got great help from this article.
I have also participated in dbaforums to verify my doubts on dataredaction.
Thanks a lot.

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