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Comments for Index Organized Tables (IOT) in Oracle

Donny said...

Very nice site!

Oli Saffiullah said...


Typo Boy said...


The word "uncluding" seemed at first like some sweet new vocabulary ("You're uncluded pal, so hit the pike."), but then I saw it was a job . . . FOR TYPO BOY!

Pawel Barut said...

This statement does not work:
ALTER TABLE table_name MOVE TABLESPACE iot_tablespace OVERFLOW TABLESPACE overflow_tablespace;

Should be:
ALTER TABLE table_name ADD OVERFLOW TABLESPACE overflow_tablespace; (in Oracle 11g)


Tim... said...


The command works just fine in 11gR2. If you read the line before it, it says if you want to move an existing overflow. The syntax you posted is for cresting a new overflow. :)



Lasse Jenssen said...

Hi Tim
Love your site when it comes to lookup-assistance.
Maybe this is just a typo or hasty, but I do not like defining PRIMARY KEY columns as NOT NULL. PKs are NULL by default.
Doing so, you get an extra (unnecessary unnamed constraint in your database). Another thing, use names on NOT NULL constraints.
So many DBAs are looking at your pages. If you do it - the rest of the world will ;-)

Tim... said...


I understand it's not necessary, as a PK will automatically be NOT NULL, but I think it makes it look clearer. I will remove it here to keep you happy. :)

As for naming NOT NULL constraints, I never do that. I name other check constraints, but never NOT NULL constraints. The data dictionary tells you what they are if you need to know...

You also have to be careful how you add them.




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