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Comments for Multitenant : Prevent Accidental Creation of a Pluggable Database (PDB) - Lone-PDB

Mikhail Velikikh said...

Hello Tim,

There's a new feature in 12.2 about which I'm not well aware - it's Lockdown Profiles.
I was unable to visit OOW2016 but I read that using lockdown profiles we can disable certain features and options in PDB.
But maybe I'm totally wrong here because these are my pure assumptions based on the information I read in some presentations and over the Internet.

Tim... said...


I believe lockdown profiles are for limiting privilege within a PDB, not at the root container level, but as I've not seen 12.2 yet I can't be sure. :)



Marcin said...

It is simmilar situation which was with Management Pack. You had to set control_management_pack_access=NONE, to block unattended access. Typical Oracle style :(

Rich Soule said...

attemtp isn't a word. ;)

Tim... said...

Typo corrected.

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