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Comments for Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) : Upgrade ORDS

Tom said...

There is one step missing here..
You need to upgrade the ORDS tables on the DB.

You need to execute:
java -jar ords.war install

Example output:
Upgrading Oracle REST Data Services schema to version 19.1.0.r0921545

You can check it before:
java -jar ords.war validate


Tim... said...


No missing step. The installation is already in the article.

java -jar ords.war

That is an installation. The "install" word is not necessary.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for this article,I did successful Upgrade from ORDS 3 TO ORDS 18,But after completion apex images(static and workspace) are not appearing in each workspace and application.Please help!

Tim... said...


I've just added a troubleshooting section. Basically, run ORDS validate and validate APEX. That should make sure everything is in order.



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