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Comments for Terraform : Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Provider

GaboT said...

When executing the procedure of creating a container in OCI, I get this error:
terraform apply
Error: 403-NotAllowed
Service: IdentityCompartment
Error Message: Please go to your home region IAD to execute CREATE, UPDATE and DELETE operations.
OPC request ID: b0e9319cb4aa24220a62ae740916c24c / 0654F8064D0315C049E6F904BA25E01B / 56E17AE8743175F0A31513DB52FDC7FC

Tim... said...


Looks to me like you've not set your provider up correctly.

You must set the parameter to match you account, including your region. If you have any of this wrong it will fail, as you don't have permissions to perform the action with the information you've provided.



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