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Comments for Create a Local Yum Repository for Oracle Linux 8

Mark said...

thank you for providing this for Oracle Linux 8!

But I miss the appstream-repository. As example we don't get update for httpd, if we don't use the repository yum.oracle.com/repo/OracleLinux/OL8/appstream/x86_64. Is it also possible to sync it with createrepo and reposync?

Kind regards,

Tim... said...


Yes. Of course. Add in all the repositories you need. I only included UEK and base as examples.



Kirill K said...

Hello, how to add a local repository client modules? After adding to the client to local repositories, accessible modules: Container-Tools, Satellite-5-Client.

Tim... said...


In the repository creation section you will see the following command.

/usr/bin/reposync --newest-only --repoid=ol8_baseos_latest -p /u01/repo/OracleLinux

Once you have a Yum repo definition on the machine (/etc/yum.repo.d), you can reposync it to a path on the server using the above command.



richard said...

Hello, which is the size of those two repository (as well as the Appstream repo) I don’t have a very good connection and I wanna know if there is a way to understand before doing the action.

Thank you.

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