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Comments for Duplicate a Database Using RMAN

Devadathan said...

Great stuff.. one more thing to dadd we need to disconnect from the SQL*plus after doing the "STARTUP FORCE NOMOUNT;" otherwise the RMAN session will wait after the media recovery to shutdown the database

printing stored script: Memory Script
shutdown clone;
startup clone nomount ;
executing script: Memory Script



Ming Mendonca said...

We also need single or double quotes on the file names (at least that's what required on the Win2k platform):

Great stuff. thanks


Bryan said...

Hi Tim,

Thank you very much for your articles. It would be great if you could add some contents about how to create a duplicate database on a remote server.

Thank you,

ravinder said...

It was of great help, but I was not able to figure out the last step i.e duplicate target database to dup(in my case the database's name is clone).I am getting the following error
RMAN-00558:error encountered while parsing input commands
RMAN-01009: syntax error:found "clone":expecting one of "double-quoted-string,identifier,single-quoted-string"
RMAN-01007:at line 1 column 30 file:standard input

Can anyone help me out in this please

clyde said...

I'm duplicating a database but after issuing DUPLICATE TARGET DATABASE TO DUP; rman replies with error RMAN-20208: UNTIL CHANGE is before RESETLOGS change.

what's wrong? How to figure correct time or scn for duplication?

ukrtelecom_oraadmin said...

Work on Windows with Oracle 10g.
Thank's a lot!

Umair Mansoob said...

Timm i think there is small error in your duplicate target database to dup. iu think dup should be in quotation. "DUP"

Guy said...



Thanks this was an excellent description, we had a major issue where we had to duplicate a prob Db due to records being changed and asap... we mounted a new disk and ran according to script and all worked well. Only bug I found was that we had to connect to rman target, catalog and aux separately than it worked.
Thanks again.

Andreas Lund said...

Brilliant article, I'm an Oracle newbie but I was able to do this both in Linux and Windows thanks to your clear and to-the-point instructions.

Michael said...

Typo, a remote server will
Do I only specify the path for LOG_FILE_NAME_CONVERT and not the filename even though I have three log files in a folder? Also, do the filenames have to be the same for both destinations?

Tim... said...


This is to tell the DUPLICATE command where to find/place the datafiles and the archived redo logs. You should set both so they are placed in the correct location. Please ask any further question in the forum.



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