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Comments for Oracle Applications (12) Installation on Enterprise Linux 4.5

Frank said...


Thanks for the very useful 12i installation guide. I just followed the and the 12i installations and I noticed the the Linux interoperability patch (Patch 4198954), which is listed in the guide, is missing from the 12i guide.

If you don't apply the interoperability patch then the 12i installation gives a "FRM-92101" error when you try and open a forms link.


ekachra said...

Can you tell me where do I download Oracle applications 11i ? When I go to edelivery.oracle.com it is very confusing to decide which version do i download. I am trying to learn Oracle Apps DBA on my own.


Ben Prusinski said...

Hi Tim,

Nice article on how to install R12 EBS for Linux.
One question, there is a staging utility called adautostg.pl for creating the staging area with R12 and 11i. How come you did not mention this?


Cliff Moore said...

The only problem I have is that it won't let me login SYSADM / SYSADM. What can I do? vzd1s33v@yahoo.com - cell#951-567-3313

Ram said...

Hi Tim

This is a great document.

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