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These plugins are extremely old and no longer maintained.

General Oracle Search Plugins

ORACLE-BASE.com Search Plugin Install oracle-base-plugin - Searches the ORACLE-BASE.com site.

OTN Search Plugin Install otn-plugin - Searches the Oracle Technology Network site.

Oracle Metalink Search Plugin Install oracle-metalink-plugin - Searches the Oracle Metalink site.

Oracle Error Search Plugins

Oracle 8.1.7 Errors Search Plugin Install oracle817-errors-plugin - Searches the Oracle 8.1.7 error messages manual.

Oracle 9.0.1 Errors Search Plugin Install oracle901-errors-plugin - Searches the Oracle 9.0.1 error messages manual.

Oracle 9.2.0 Errors Search Plugin Install oracle920-errors-plugin - Searches the Oracle 9.2.0 error messages manual.

Oracle 10.1.0 Errors Search Plugin Install oracle101-errors-plugin - Searches the Oracle 10.1.0 error messages manual.

Oracle 10.2.0 Errors Search Plugin Install oracle102-errors-plugin - Searches the Oracle 10.2.0 error messages manual.

Oracle 11.1.0 Errors Search Plugin Install oracle111-errors-plugin - Searches the Oracle 11.1.0 error messages manual.

Oracle Documentation Search Plugins

Oracle 8.1.7 Documentation Search Plugin Install oracle817-docs-plugin - Searches the Oracle 8.1.7 manuals.

Oracle 9.0.1 Documentation Search Plugin Install oracle901-docs-plugin - Searches the Oracle 9.0.1 manuals.

Oracle 9.2.0 Documentation Search Plugin Install oracle920-docs-plugin - Searches the Oracle 9.2.0 manuals.

Oracle 10.1.0 Documentation Search Plugin Install oracle101-docs-plugin - Searches the Oracle 10.1.0 manuals.

Oracle 10.2.0 Documentation Search Plugin Install oracle102-docs-plugin - Searches the Oracle 10.2.0 manuals.

Oracle 11.1.0 Documentation Search Plugin Install oracle111-docs-plugin - Searches the Oracle 11.1.0 manuals.

Other Plugins

Dictionary.com Search Plugin Install dictionary-plugin - Searches the Dictionary.com site.

Thesaurus.com Search Plugin Install thesaurus-plugin - Searches the Thesaurus.com site.

Useful Extensions

Search Engine Ordering - Enables you to change the order of the search engines in the search bar.

StumbleUpon - Randomly presents funny, silly, stupid, interesting and downright strange websites.

SmoothWheel - Scrolls the document smoothly when scrolling the mouse wheel.

PDF Download - Gives you the choice of viewing a PDF in the browser or downloading it.

Useful Links

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Firefox Web Forum