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Data Pump (expdp, impdp) Enhancements in Oracle Database 18c

This article provides an overview of the main Data Pump enhancements in Oracle Database 18c.

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Data Pump with Encrypted Data Dictionary Data

From Oracle 18c onward it is possible to optionally encrypt sensitive credential data in the data dictionary, see here. If you have chosen to use this feature, the export and import utilities will not expose your passwords. When exporting data, the following type of message will be produced for any database link. A similar message will be produced during the import of the links provided the database version is 18c or higher.

ORA-39395: Warning: object <database link name> requires password reset after import

The export operation stores an invalid password in the dump file. On completion of an import, we must amend the password of the database link.

alter database link {database_link_name} connect to {schema_name} identified by {password};

Export/Import the Unified Audit Trail

From Oracle 18c onward it is possible to export and import the unified audit trails. The users performing the export and import operations require the EXP_FULL_DATABASE and IMP_FULL_DATABASE roles respectively.

First we create a directory object and grant access to the SYSTEM user.

conn sys/SysPassword1@//localhost:1521/pdb1 as sysdba

create or replace directory tmp_dir as '/tmp/';
grant read, write on directory tmp_dir to system;

We export using the INCLUDE=AUDIT_TRAILS option to pick up all the unified audit trail tables.

expdp system/SysPassword1@pdb1 \
      full=y \
      directory=tmp_dir \
      logfile=audit_trails-exp.log \
      dumpfile=audit_trails.dmp \
      version= \

Since this dump file only contains the unified audit trail objects, we can use a full import to import the audit data.

impdp system/SysPassword1@pdb1 \
      full=y \
      directory=tmp_dir \
      logfile=audit_trails-imp.log \


In previous releases, if a dump file was corrupted an import operation would fail. From Oracle 18c onward the impdp utility can be instructed to skip the corrupt granule and continue with the import. As expected, this will mean some data is lost, but it will allow the operation to complete.

impdp system/SysPassword1@pdb1 \
      full=y \
      directory=tmp_dir \
      logfile=imp.log \
      dumpfile=corrupt-dump-file.dmp \

For more information see:

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