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JSON Support Enhancements in Oracle Database 19c

Oracle 19c includes several enhancements to the JSON functionality in the database. This post acts as a links page to separate articles on each feature.

JSON_OBJECT Enhancements

The SQL/JSON function JSON_OBJECT got a whole lot easier to use in Oracle 19c.


The JSON_MERGEPATCH function is used to modify parts of a JSON document in select and update operations.


The JSON_SERIALIZE function converts a JSON document from any supported data type to text.

Mapping of JSON Data To and From SQL Object Types

Oracle database 19c allows JSON data to instantiate user-defined object type instances, and user defined object-type instances can be converted to JSON data.


The SQL NESTED clause allows us to write the equivalent of the LEFT OUTER JOIN JSON_TABLE using a simplified syntax.

GeoJSON Data Support

In this article we demonstrate the support for GeoJSON data in Oracle Database 19c. Specifically the mapping between GeoJSON data and the Oracle Spatial SDO_GEOMETRY object type.

Materialized View Support for Queries containing JSON_TABLE

Oracle 19c can perform query rewrites of statements using some SQL/JSON functions (JSON_VALUE, JSON_EXISTS) to use a materialized view containing and appropriate JSON_TABLE call.

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