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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) : Create a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) allows you to define your own data center network topology inside the Oracle Cloud using a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN).

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A Virtual Cloud Network is made up of the following components.

This can sound a little confusing if you are not familiar with networking, but you can use defaults for most things, so you don't need to be a networking expert to try it out.

Create a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

Log into the Oracle Cloud and navigate to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) console.

OCI Console

Use the top-left menu to select the "Networking > Virtual Cloud Networks" option.

Virtual Cloud Network Menu

Click on the "Create Virtual Cloud Network" button.

Virtual Cloud Network Dashboard

Select the compartment you want to create the VCN in, give it a name and select the "CREATE VIRTUAL CLOUD NETWORK PLUS RELATED RESOURCES" option.

Virtual Cloud Network Creation 1

The contents of the popup will change, listing the default configuration that will be created. You will need to scroll down and click the "Create Virtual Cloud Network" button.

Virtual Cloud Network Creation 2

Close the summary screen.

Virtual Cloud Network Creation 3

You now have a VCN in your compartment. Click on the VCN name to drill into the detail.

Virtual Cloud Network Dashboard

Notice the network components that have been created for you by default.

Virtual Cloud Network Detail

You can configure these components further, as described in the documentation, or start building components in this VCN.

For more information see:

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