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OTN APAC 2014 : Auckland – Day 2

*+-My day 2 at the conference started with my analytic functions session. I’m always a bit worried I oversimplify things, but people seem to appreciate it, so perhaps I’m just being paranoid. I’m sure the feedback will let me know. Next I went to Chris Muir‘s session of Developing Web and Mobile Dashboards with Oracle ADF. I […]

OTN APAC 2014 – Auckland – Day 1

*+-So it was really day 2 of the conference, but it was day 1 for me, so that’s the way I’m naming it… There were seven tracks available, but I’ll be speaking about what I saw… First up was the keynote by Tim Ebbeck called 10 Rules of Transformational Leadership. I’m not the biggest fan of […]

OTN APAC Tour: NZOUG Day 1 & 2

*+-The evening before the NZOUG conference was a bit chaotic. There was still no resolution to the Qantas fiasco and I was starting to believe I would have to cancel my sessions in Perth and try to fly home from Auckland. I tried to switch my flights, but everything was sold out. By the next […]

NZOUG 2010 Day 2…

*+-Day 2 started with an ACE panel session. There were more ACEs than attendees, but we all had fun chatting to each other. I guess one of the difficulties with this was it ran along side regular presentations, but such is life. Straight after that it was the second part of my PL/SQL Presentation Layers […]

NZOUG 2010 Day 1…

*+-The day started in the normal way. First, an introduction by Francisco, the new president of NZOUG, then some keynotes, then on to the presentations… One of the difficult things about being a speaker at so many conferences is you often struggle to see something on the agenda you have not already seen several times around […]

Arriving at NZOUG…

*+-I walked off the 7 hour flight to Dubai, straight on to the 13+ hour flight to Melbourne. I got a 1 hour rest at Melbourne while they cleaned the plane, before I started the 3+ hour flight to Auckland. I got to Auckland at about 14:00 where I was met by one of my […]

NZOUG Day 1…

*+-NZOUG Day 1 seemed to go pretty well. My talk went OK, and the guys from Quest gave me some more Toads to shoot out into the audience. In the evening we all went out for a Skyrides and Luge trip. The Luge rides were cool, but I nearly fell out at one point. I […]

More Server Builds and Presenting…

*+-Server Builds My room is full of servers again. I’m still rebuilding loads of kit to send to the new site. Yesterday I installed RHEL4 on two servers ready for 10gR2 installations, and RHEL3 on three servers ready for AS10g (9.0.4) installations. The versions, especially App Server, may sound strange, but this is to duplicate […]