Video : Hybrid Partitioned Tables in Oracle Database 19c

In today’s video we’ll give a quick demonstration of Hybrid Partitioned Tables, introduced in Oracle Database 19c.

The video is based on this 19c article.

The video only has a single example using external partitions pointing to CSV data. The article also includes and example using a Data Pump file.

The star of today’s video is Oren Nakdimon, who was taking a day off from being a God of Edition-Based Redefinition. 🙂



Video : Liquibase : Deploying Oracle Application Express (APEX) Applications

Today’s video is a quick demonstration of deploying an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application using Liquibase.

The video is based on a new article of the same name, which covers the deployment of both APEX workspaces and APEX applications using Liquibase.

Here’s some other content you might find useful.

The star of today’s video is Jorge Rimblas, making a welcome return to the channel, along with some serious reverb. 🙂 Last time we saw Jorge was in a boxing gym, and his daughters have also taken the spotlight for one video.



Video : APEX_DATA_PARSER : Convert simple CSV, JSON, XML and XLSX data to rows and columns

Today’s video is a quick demonstration of using the APEX_DATA_PARSER package to convert simple CSV, JSON, XML and XLSX data into rows and columns.

If you want the copy/paste examples and the test files, you can get them from this article.

Yet another reason why you should always install APEX in your databases.

The star of today’s video is Kosseila.HD, also known as BrokeDBA, complete with sun glasses, basket ball and a rattling watch. 🙂



Video : Podman : Generate and Play Kubernetes YAML Files

Today’s video demonstrates Podman’s ability to generate and play Kubernetes YAML files.

This is based on the following article.

You can might want to check out these also.

The star of today’s video is Max McDonald, son of Connor McDonald.



Do you want to be a star?

If you’ve followed my YouTube channel, you’ll know I include a clip of people from the community saying “.com” at the start of each video. It’s just a silly tradition, and it allows me to give a shout out to other people.

When I started the channel I used to record loads of these at conferences, but I acquired so many I stopped doing it, until I could get through what I already had. I have now used all of them…

If you would like to star in a video, please do the following:

  • Drop me an email with your video clip saying “.com”. You know my name is “tim” and my website is “”, so you can guess my email address.
  • Please say “.com” 2 or 3 times with a 1 second gap between them.
  • In the email give me your name and social media links, so I can include them in the video description and associated blog post. I am terrible with names, even people I’ve met a lot, so don’t count on me remembering your name. 🙂
  • Landscape videos are better, but portrait are OK.

I’m happy to receive repeat appearances of people who have done a clip before, so don’t be shy.

You can see some of the previous stars in the compilation videos on this playlist.



PS. I think it’s only fair to warn you, this will not make you a star… 🙂

Video : Using Podman With Existing Dockerfiles (Oracle Database and ORDS)

Today’s video shows me using some of my existing Docker builds with Podman. Specifically a 19c database container and an Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) container.

For those with an understanding of Docker, it should look really familiar, but it does introduce a twist in the form of a pod.

The video is based on this article.

You can see more information about containers here.

The star of today’s video is Bart Sjerps. It was really hard to find a piece of this recording that didn’t have James Morle wittering over everyone on it. 🙂