Oracle Code : Prague

I was a little late getting to the event. My hotel was only a mile away from the conference venue, but it was a mile up hill. 🙂 I missed the start of the first keynote, but I had already seen it in London, so I didn’t feel too guilty. 🙂

When I walked into the keynote it was packed. If you followed the event on Twitter you will know the turnout was great. Well done Prague for coming out in force to support the event!

First up was Adam Bien with “Enterprise A Slideless Keynote”, but as I said, I missed it this time around. You can see my description from the London event.

The second keynote was “Building Modern Applications Using APIs, Microservices, and Chatbots” by Siddhartha Agarwal, Jakub Nesetril. This was a standing room only thing again, so I had a little wander around the venue and got back to see the chatbot demonstration, which I watched from the from the corridor. Pretty neat.

Next I went to see Peter Nagy with “Deploying Cloud-Native Applications: VMs, Containers, or Functions”. This was a really interesting and I wrote down a lot of notes. I had a quick chat with him at the end about Docker and learned some new stuff.

From there I went to see Chris Saxon with “SQL Magic! Tricks to Show SQL Features You’ve Probably Never Used”. He got a big crowd, which was good to see for a SQL presentation at an event like this.

After that I went to see “Explore the Basics of Setting up Your First Secure Private Docker Registry” by Mike Raab. Being a Docker noob, some of this went over my head, but every bit of information helps ease the transition into playing with Docker. 🙂 He mentioned using Let’s Encrypt certificates, which I saw a few people scribble a note about.

Before the next session I live-streamed a small bit on Periscope for the @OracleDevs Channel, which you can watch on Twitter or Periscope. If you watch it on Twitter you’ll see half of my head. If you watch it on Periscope you will see it all. 🙂

After that it was my session called “Make the RDBMS Relevant Again with RESTful Web Services and JSON“. The crowd were very quiet during the session, so it was kind-of hard to know how well it went, but I had some people come to speak to me at the end, so hopefully it was fine. 🙂

I missed the last block of the day because I was too busy chatting to a couple of guys (Ramil and Artjom) and about DBA stuff. We continued chatting during the party at the end of the event, and were joined by one of their colleagues (sorry dude, I missed your name) and Frank Nimphius. I think we were the last to leave. 🙂

It was a really enjoyable day. Thanks to everyone from #OracleCode for letting me come to the event. Thanks also to the Oracle ACE Program for continuing to let me fly the flag. Big thanks to all the speakers and attendees that made this such a successful event. I hope to see you all again!

So that’s my second and last #OracleCode event this year. I hope the rest of the cities go well. Remember, it’s free so turn up and support them if you want more events like this in the future!



Oracle Code : Prague – The Journey Begins

Another stupidly early start, so another night of no sleep, worrying about missing my flight. 🙂

I was up at 04:00 to get a taxi into the airport. The queues were massive, but for some reason I had a business ticket for the outward leg, so I could use the express lane and walk straight past the hordes of people and into the lounge. Happy days.

The first flight was Birmingham to Munich, which took about 90 minutes. I had enough time between flights to head to the lounge and eat “free” peanuts. The flight from Munich to Prague was delayed, but I bumped into Frank Nimphius, who is in his medium-floppy hair phase at the moment, and we chatted about the previous Oracle Code events, while he casually flicked his hair. 🙂

The flight to Prague took about 50 minutes. I had arranged a pick-up from the hotel shuttle, so there was a man with a sign waiting to pick us up, which was nice.

After a few minutes and I was in the hotel in Prague with an afternoon to spare. I know I should go and have a look round, but sleep feels so much more important at this point!

The Oracle Code : Prague event is tomorrow, so I hope to see you there!



Oracle Code : See you there!

You may have seen a lot of tweets (#OracleCode) recently about the Oracle Code events around the world.

The content of the events is rather different to the typical Oracle events I go to, so it will be a good opportunity for me to learn some new stuff.

I’ll be speaking at two of the European events this year.

They are Oracle events, so there is bound to be an Oracle spin on things, but I think it’s a welcome change of tack for Oracle to acknowledge that they are not always the centre of the universe in the minds of developers. If there is an event near you, check it out and see what is happening in the development world these days.