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Critical Analysis of “Critical Analysis Meets Exadata”

*+-Kevin Closson put out a post yesterday called Critical Analysis Meets Exadata, linking to two awesome videos. It’s well worth spending the time to watch these, even if (like me) you never get so much as a sniff of Exadata. I was lucky enough to be one of several people asked to review these videos […]

Real World Performance, Exadata Storage & ACE Session…

*+-Today was a very full day… Real-World Database Performance Techniques and Methods Real-World Database Performance Roundtable I went to the primer session on Tuesday and both sessions today. I don’t think there was anything particularly new to me here, but listening to the experiences of a team like that helps you crystallize things in your […]

Oracle Keynote Aftermath…

*+-I think I’m in the minority when I say I was a little underwhelmed by the keynote yesterday. I’m sure there are many positive points about Oracle Exadata Storage and HP Oracle Database Machine, but it all seems a little irrelevant to me. I hear what Kevin Closson is saying and it sounds cool, but […]